established 2022

About Reys Market

Reys Market is a modern second-hand store with a combo-niche style of street, funky and preppy attire for the environmental and fashion interested consumer.
90% of our inventory stock is by category male, however all items are 100% unisex and every item is also well curated.
2018 the idea struck Rey of opening the dopest thrift store focusing on sustainable fashion, customer experience and bridging diversity. 2018-2020 was fulled with trips to second hand cultures all the way from Berlin to Brooklyn to Hong Kong.
2020 was the year Otis was born so the progression delayed.
Fast forward to Februari 2022, we entered a couple markets and received awesome feedback from our customers, so good we decided to open a pop-up store. That summer we had a pop-store located at Katarina bangata 44 and following October we was permanent.
Today we are one of the most popular second hand stores in Stockholm with the sight of growing and keep on spreading a vibe. 
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