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How Vintage is Changing Fashion for Good

For years the term “Fashion” was only accessible to the wealthy; expensive designer brands were considered the only option. Now thanks to the internet and social media, fashion has transcended into self-expression and opened the door to many different styles and niches. Vintage has always flown under the radar as simply a novelty genre that included collectors and, well, older people. Recently vintage has become wildly popular due to the acceptance of thrifting and wearing of used clothes; it is no longer just old used clothing, but a way to recycle and separate yourself from the crowd. This shift is causing a major issue for fashion houses like Gucci and Prada as they now are trying to replicate the vintage look in hopes to save customers. The difference from new clothing that are made to look old is the simple fact that with vintage you are playing a part in slowing down the beast that is fast fashion and consumerism. While thrifting has its faults including lessening the amount of quality clothing available to low income families, the amount of good it does should not be discounted. The flow of clothing to thrift stores isn’t slowing down, so to save a perfectly good piece of clothing from the landfill should still feel good.

All in all feel proud to not only support small businesses, but help change the landscape of clothing and fashion. While some say this is just a trend, it’s predicted that the vintage market will expand from its current 28 billion dollar value to 64 billion in 2024. This is just the start of a growing market fueled by a generation that believes in individuality and sustainability.  

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