Clear and select

We accept clothes for women and men and mainly clothes, accessories and shoes that reflect the current season and trends.

Clean out the clothes you don't use and select what is still modern, in good condition and has a value over 150 SEK.
We mainly accept popular brands with good quality, but also gold nuggets from the chains.

Examples of what you can submit to us are, however keep trend in mind; trousers, tops, shirts, cardigans, sportswear, outerwear, sunglasses, jewellery, hats/caps, scarves, bags and shoes.

If you are unsure whether we will accept an item, it is fine to send a DM on Instagram with a picture of the item. You can also email the picture to us at
Inspect your clothes before submission. Make sure everything is clean, neat and tidy. Everything that is sent in must be cleanly washed and clothes that have been in the attic or in storage need to be washed again to smell fresh. Shoes and bags need to be cleaned and possibly polished.

What we do not accept

We do not accept underwear, damaged clothing, prom and wedding dresses. We also do not accept dirty goods, clothes that smell musty from the attic/storage, puckered, stained, torn or garments with excessive wear.
It may look used, but not worn. Imagine that someone will want to buy the product for at least 100 SEK.

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